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Freight companies have to deal with the assignment of incoming requests to a fleet of available vehicles on a daily basis. Planning the routes of the vehicles takes a considerable amount of time, especially, if it is done manually. Furthermore, the quality of the solution strongly depends on the size of the problem, the more requests a company has, the harder it is to approach the optimal solution.

What do we offer?

Qamion is a solution developed by Qamcom Research & Technology Central Europe to handle this problem automatically, optimally taking the AETR agreement into account. For a given fleet of vehicles and a given set of customer requests, it generates the optimal solution, that is, it plans the route of each vehicle so the total operative cost is minimized.

We offer a free trial version, where the algorithm can be run on predefined data sets with parameter settings of your choice to see how our solution works. If it aroused your interest, maybe you would like to test it on your own data, do not hesitate to contact us. A detailed description about the problem, the algorithm and the user interface can be found after the registration.

The team working on Qamion
Logistics transportation related image for articleLogistics transportation related image for articleLogistics transportation related image for article

Who we are?

Qamcom is a leading research and technology company with deep competence within hardware, software and system development. Qamcom offers value-driven technology solutions, products and services in the fields of advanced Signal Processing, Industrial AI and IoT, Wireless Communication and System Engineering. Qamcom’s mission is quite simply to turn technology into value for society, industry and people.

Qamion is our internally developed product. To develop the algorithm, we utilized operations research and matematical modelling. We have built our service with the most recent technologies. Creating an innovative, reliable and efficient product, that can help companies in the transportation industry

For further information about Qamcom Central Europe, please visit our website.

Do you want to test Qamion with your own data?

If you want to test our solution not only on our predefined data, but on your own, we gladly provide the opportunity for that, so you can measure the value it can add to your company.

The problem we solve does not exactly fit your operation?

As we are responsible for the development of this tool, we also offer its customization so it matches all your needs.

Write us a message here or an e-mail to, and we will be in touch.

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